Landowner Information

Download the landuse guide, summarising the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development act), created by the Victorian Farmers federation and the Minerals council of Australia to help understand your rights and Explorers Obligations. 

Minerals exploration is low impact and temporary. Exploration has a small land use footprint, and any land disturbed must be rehabilitated by the explorer. Explorers and landowners can work together to ensure exploration has minimal impact on farming operations.

The video to the right outlines minerals exploration techniques including desktop research to drilling and core analysis explained by staff from exploration companies.

The minerals industry understands that landowners and communities want to learn more about minerals exploration, how explorers and communities work together and the environmentally responsible approach taken by explorers.

Community voice can support more balance and considered decision making. It’s important for us all to be aware where to find relevant, reliable and accurate information. We’ve created an informational flyer about Mineral Exploration below, let us know if you have any suggestions, questions or queries!