Hidden Tunnels

One of the best and most thrilling ways for us to explore and understand geology with no social or environmental impacts is to venture underground into old shafts and adits. The fascination and excitement is reminiscent of the great Indiana Jones! Not for the faint hearted, these workings have the potential for rock falls, hidden […]

Local anecdotes

Victoria has a rich history of gold mining: it’s not uncommon for us to come across historic artifacts and workings. Surprisingly, some of the old equipment is still in use today! One of the most engaging and enjoyable ways for us to do research is listening to anecdotal accounts from local residents, learning about their […]

How do we know where to look?

Great question, the answer is…. we don’t really. In the same way many modern ideas weren’t created as they exist today from scratch – explorers look at history to help shape their understanding of geology in the region, and hopefully build on that. A massive part of our time is spent researching history: finding out […]

How do we handle Media Enquiries?

Perceived by many as a destructive industry, mineral resources in Victoria has a long way to go before everyone is on board with working in partnership with companies to ensure that we are responsibly sourcing the materials that make life possible. We understand that this cultural shift won’t be easy and won’t be quick: We […]

How did we end up here?

Hailing from across the ditch, New Zealand born and bred Exploration Manager Dave wasn’t necessarily sure what he wanted in a career. After meeting a guy who worked FIFO, the length of rostered breaks seemed pretty alluring to a young lad. Since then Geology has taken Dave across the world in many different roles and […]